October 23, 2013

Albert Hammond, Jr. - AHJ

Albert Hammond, Jr. is finally back in the scene and his return is warmly welcomed by fans.

His new EP, titled AHJ, is his first solo release since his 2008 record ¿Cómo Te Llama? and since cleaning up after his bout with drug addiction. The EP is rather short, coming in around 15 minutes, but consists of some of his best work.

This release highlights his strong guitar skills and great precision. He played all the instruments on this EP, apart from drums. One thing to note is how raw the vocals are. The use of effects on this are very minimal, a great aspect, as it is nice to hear all of his sounds come together in such a pure way.

The EP was released on Cult Records, run by his fellow band-mate, Julian Casablancas. There is a clear Strokes vibe that can be heard throughout the EP, not a surprise as Hammond is a key member. Final song, “Cooker Ship” could have easily been mistaken as a Strokes song. However the other songs on this release maintain a more organic sound than recent Strokes, and Hammond holds his own.

AHJ appears to be a great leap for Hammond, reminding everyone of what a great musician he is. Each song has its own interesting qualities, with “Strange Tidings” and “Rude Customer” being the biggest standouts to me.

This EP has the ability to reach out to any fan. Those looking for more of a vibe from the Strokes should be satisfied, and those expecting a deeper look at Hammond as a solo artist will also be pleased.

  1. St. Justice
  2. Strange Tidings
  3. Carnal Cruise
  4. Rude Customer
  5. Cooker Ship


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