October 28, 2013

Arcade Fire - REFLEKTOR

Oh, Arcade Fire have done it again.

Reflektor is nothing like the previous three albums, yet it is unmistakably theirs. It's soaked in positive rhythms and dancey beats, but there is still that signature Arcade Fire feeling set as a melancholic undertone. Listening to Reflektor is like walking through an art gallery. Different feelings, images, and messages are displayed throughout and all of it is beautiful and magnificent.

The vocals are what catches the listener's attention first: Win and Regine's voices have chemistry like no other duo. Intertwining with one another, they drift in and out of holes in the sound and create a dreamy world within the music.

Arcade Fire always manage to have flawless track lists. An example of this is the transition from 'Flashbulb Eyes' to 'Here Come the Night Time', with an upbeat fiesta-themed interlude. And that guitar/bass relationship in the intro of 'We Exist'! There's something to put you in a mood for kicking ass. Don't forget the song itself: 'Reflektor'. It's just a good fucking song to put you in a great mindset. Feelings of overwhelming disappointment towards heaven and a saving grace that is merely the reflection are ferociously pushed through a beat made purely for dancing and feelin' fine. This song is a truly strange mix of emotions that all in all comes out to be joyful excitement.

Reflektor is utterly versatile. You can listen to it while you're getting stoned, driving around, dancing in your undies, or any other activity that's enhanced by listening to some seriously tasty jams (which is like EVERYTHING, therefore this album is good for ANYTIME).

The magicians that are Arcade Fire have blown my mind, along with everybody else's, once again. I thank them for bringing forth the power of exquisite music to the brains of this generation and those of generations past.

Disc one
  1. Reflektor (contains a hidden pregap track)
  2. We Exist
  3. Flashbulb Eyes
  4. Here Comes the Night Time
  5. Normal Person
  6. You Already Know
  7. Joan of Arc
Disc two
  1. Here Comes the Night Time II
  2. Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)
  3. It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus)
  4. Porno
  5. Afterlife
  6. Supersymmetry (including hidden track)
Text:Spencer Richards

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