October 28, 2013

Leure, a new revelation from Perth's scene

For the past few years, Perth has been sending us several bands playing mostly psychedelic rock with saturated guitars, jamming to no end, not that I’m complaining.

Leure wouldn’t quite fit this image. As a part of the band Wolves at the Door, Ash Hendriks played the guitar and sang with a discrete voice. She recently released with her new solo project an album. A more obscure, mysterious and enchanting whisper frolics on Holland Sky. A Perth scene Renaissance? Probably. An electronic wave, that subtly reminds us of Grimes, has spread. Leure catches us with her beats and an intense sound. An immense album for a star to come, there’s just no restriction to listen to it, winter or summer, blast it.

While she was touring/visiting Europe this month, Innerspeaker Mag had the pleasure to ask her a few questions.

How did your music passion and career start?
I think I have always felt very connected to music and its ability to alter perceptions and feelings. It gives you energy nothing else can and I wanted to be a part of that so I began writing melodies on the piano when I was 3, then picked up viola and finally fell hard for the electric guitar in year 10. I love guitar, and now expanding into electronics is even more rewarding when combined with everything I know from playing an assortment of instruments.

You took a radical turn from Wolves at the Door, Holland in the sky is mostly electronic, did it feel like you had to get away from instruments?
Definitely not, I still play guitar in Leure and Feel Maschine (Native Instruments production) is very much an instrument in itself. I am trying to really challenge myself from all angles, even vocally because the voice is one of the most diverse and beautiful instruments of them all.

How did you record the album?
I recorded the album via a mixture of iMaschine, Maschine, Protools and Ableton. I used all the programs to develop the sound and have since learnt a great deal more about each program.

What are your inspirations? (music, books, visuals...)
Many many inspirations, I love going down the south coast of western Australia where we have a holiday house in a valley near Yallingup. The inspiration I get from being in the forest with no phone reception, a crackling fire and a good bottle of red is immeasurable! Also plenty of Jack Kerouac, Radiohead, Shabazz Palaces, Wu-Tang, Ta-Ku, Thriftworls, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, hip hop in general and rock and roll. I could go on and on but I'll leave it there for now!

I love the effects on your voice, it seems as if you were disclosing emotions, your voice surrounds us and make us a part of the confidence, how did you find your voice?
Thank you thats very kind, to be honest I was always rather scared to use my voice in wolves at the door, I disliked the higher range and wanted to be as far removed from the cliche folk girl singer with guitar. It wasn't until last year I realized I had quite an extensive range and that I should use my voice as an instrument. I'm excited to push that aspect further and see what I am capable of. I'm pretty lucky, I don't ever have to practice before a show. Perhaps a whisky shot and some water and I'm good to go.

Holland Sky is really different from what I’ve heard so far coming from Perth, do you reckon you’re a part of this scene?
Definitley, theres an incredible electronic scene in Perth right now. Leon Osborn and Mei saraswati who supported me at my latest launch have similar vibes in producing their own beats and playing live sets, they are incredible and only the tip of the iceberg in the perth scene. Its wonderful.

What’s your favorite gear?
Good question, I purchased a Native Instruments Maschine last year which I use live but I just saw they are releasing the Maschine production studio. It looks beautiful and I want one super bad. I also love boss pedals and of course my guild electric guitar.

Dom Simper remixed Tired, how did the collaboration happen?
Dom and myself have been friends for years, we actually lived together for a while before he became a full time touring musician. I have a lot of time for that man, he is extremely talented like the rest of those boys and has a heart of gold.

You recently played Waves Vienna, how was it ? How was the crowd ? And the city ? You’re currently touring Europe, business or pleasure, could it be both?
I did, it was incredible, it was my first European show and a very memorable one at that. Vienna is beautiful I would definitely want to get back there. The festival was a three day conference which I learnt a great deal from and the venues where bands played incredible. I feel very lucky to have represented Australia and be given the opportunity. I played a couple more shows in Europe then visited friends along the way. I will definitely be back though, it blows my mind every time I visit.

What’s the significance behind Leure?
There isn't a great deal of significance. I was throwing around words and sort of stumbled across that one and it stuck!

I hear there is a place in France called Leure and would love to visit there one day.

Do you have any music recommendations ?
I'll narrow this to music from Perth because on a global scale I could go on forever: check out Leon Osborn, Mei saraswati, Ta-Ku, James Ireland, the Growl, Pond, Felicity Groom, Grace Woodroofe, Fall Electric, shy Panther, Dianas, and Keep Hunting because there is soo much goodness!

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