October 30, 2013

Warpaint @ O2 ABC, Glasgow

"We lost all our gear on the airplane so we're having to borrow PINS' guitars."

Warpaint announced about halfway through their set. But even though this was the case they still managed to put on a great performance.

PINS were a great opener for Warpaint, they are also a girl band and have recently released their debut album.

Towards the end of their set, a string broke on the lead guitarist's guitar, but they managed to fix it and move on quickly. "That was our new single that we just wrote a minute ago" said the bassist when they had to quickly do something so the guitarist could restring her guitar.

Next, Warpaint were on, adding synths to their lineup and playing songs from their first EP, their debut album and their new album which comes out early next year. Their single "Love is to Die" had just come out on the day of the concert, so it was good to be able to hear that one live and also hear a couple songs from the new album. Some of the time you couldn't really tell if they were playing new songs or if they were just jamming, which I liked.

The show wasn't a sellout which was in a way better because there was more space in the venue so no one was squashed against the venue. Everyone beside me was dancing and having a great time.
Photos: Mollie Ruck

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