November 05, 2013

DJ Rashad - Double Cup


Post-electronic; somewhat post-music or rather, anti-music. This is music for active listening and, for those who invented the culture I’m now commentating upon years-late, participation.

The more in-your-face (and downright pop-friendly) trap-electronic comes from a similar perspective of non-stop peaks and endless energy. The difference between trap-electronic and this is simple: trap-electronic feels like a brightly-lit spectacle, whereas Rashad & Co. “don’t give a fuck.”

The reason footwork comes off so bizarre to most ‘serious music fans’ is because this is basically jazz music you can dance to. I feel blessed to have experienced this album; to have a glimpse into a world I would’ve never seen first-hand (only accessibly imitated by Diplo-clones). This is the real deal folks. If you really want to experience something new, take a sip from DJ Rashad’s Double Cup.

  1. Feelin (Feat. Spinn & Taso)
  2. Show U How (Feat. Spinn)
  3. Pass that Shit (Feat. Spinn & Taso)
  4. She a Go (Feat. Spinn & Taso)
  5. Only One (Feat. Spinn & Taso)
  6. Everyday of my Life (Feat. DJ Phil)
  7. I Don’t Give a Fuck
  8. Double Cup (Feat. Spinn)
  9. Drank, Kush, Barz (Feat. Spinn)
  10. Reggie
  11. Acid Bit (Feat. Addison Groove)
  12. Leavin (Feat. Manny)
  13. Let U No (Feat. Spinn)
  14. I’m Too Hi (Feat. Earl)

Text: Andrew JD

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