November 27, 2013

Moddi - Kæm Va Du?

A couple of years back, on a Sunday afternoon... a cup of tea, some crêpes, and a charming moment on Tumblr, a random person was looking for some new music recommendations. In the middle of a few crappy bands, I saw a name that didn’t ring any bells; Moddi.

After a YouTube session, I found myself in luck. That said artist was playing a free gig at Le Gibus three days later. His voice is simply transcending, a small dude with an accordion blew the audience away. Ever since I’ve completely fell in love with his music.

In October 2013, Moddi released his third album Kæm Va Du?. What does it mean? I hear you asking. I have no idea. And to be honest I don’t really care. Sometimes the lyrics’ impermeability renders the harmonies even more truthful. The instruments are the only thing making sense. It’s the beauty of music - the sound just dominates you.

Moddi take us to an epic journey starting with 'Mannen i Ausa', a song about a Norwegian tale. He’s almost narrating it. A well placed bridge leaves you to your imagination, the guitar punctuating the tale. 'Tosgang' gently lulls us through a Norwegian landscape. 'Noens ark' on the contrary reinvigorates the energy of the album. Orchestral, a burst of frisky wind rushes through your skull, as the contrabass, a sound and feeling that never leaves you.

I like to imagine that 'Grønt Lauv I Snyen' is a love song that sort of breaks down the past enthusiasm. 'Kjerkegård Ved Havet' still seems pretty dark, but the ardor of the instruments makes it hopeful.

The album is a delightful folk-y composition. Perfect rhythms to listen to by snowy days or during the summer, naked in a potato field.

  1. Mannen i Ausa
  2. Blå Kveill
  3. Togsang
  4. Vi Slakta Sau
  5. Noens Ark
  6. Grønt Lauv I Snyen
  7. Kjerkegård Ved Havet
  8. Krokstav-Emne
  9. En Sang Om Fly

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