November 05, 2013

Wolf In A Spacesuit - Blighter Days

Wolf In A Spacesuit let me have a listen to his new album Blighter Days before it's public release on November 12.

You can pre-order, and listen to some tracks yourself here.

Read our full interview over at Yon Plume.

Blighter Days, followed closely by Overlord of the Mountain - is the center album of a 30-chapter story that is still yet to be unfolded. As the name may suggest, it's actually a brighter, positive album. In our interview he says it's a journey of enlightenment, from which he came out of a dark time in his life, and created this music as an expression to tell a story.

If you heard his music before, he never fails to bring out the harmonies his signature voice offers, which the opening track will introduce to you and welcome you into the album with warm open arms. The drums kick in like splashes of paint on a canvas, and the multiple melodies really flow through the album together. You may have been convinced it was a feel good electronic album, until ukelele and acoustic guitars become the main instrument halfway into the tracklist. 'Palm Tree Song' may be what you expect to hear, but you probably never heard a ukelele with some serious deep electronic bass. This mix has always happily coexisted in his work though, including some classic piano in 'Moldenke'. And of course, it ends with 'Blighter Days', the title song, which really maximizes Wolf In A Spacesuit's fullest potential, showing his abilities as an electronic artist and a musician, tying it all together.

However, opposite to the upbeat opening track, 'Blighter Days' leaves you with a heavy heart, with lyrics like "Blighter days are here again / We don't exist without our friends", played with solemn chords, and an unfamiliar sound reversing in and backwards, as if to disconnect you after all. I am left wondering what the next chapter will be and if he really reaches the end of this journey, but we're yet to find out until next time.

  1. Dead
  2. IMOK
  3. Call It What You Will
  4. The Honey Glows
  5. Full Color Visional
  6. Palm Tree Song (Arecaceae)
  7. Wake The Shadow
  8. Constant Claustrophobia
  9. Moldenke (Collective Memory)
  10. Blighter Days

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