December 27, 2013

TOY - Join The Dots

After no break at all, TOY released their second album Join The Dots on December 9th, in the lineage of their original sound. Nevertheless, this LP assumes a nebulous frame.

Taken by surprise, we enter a room, following the band to their land. The introduction song enrolls us in a dark road-trip. 'Conductor' leads to a no end high-way. Reverberations carry us into another spectrum. This is a welcoming song. They submerge us into their world, with saturated guitars, a clean battery, and that powerful bass that is guiding this second LP. No voices will be heard in 'Conductor', giving back strength to the instruments. Then comes one of my favorite melodies on the album, 'You Won’t Be the Same'. Tom has this way of singing; he’s chanting, detaching every word. The more you get into the song, the more you’re actually feeling it. The song beautifully ends by a jam. The emblem of the album, 'Join The Dots', is definitely the best song. It’s pop, psychedelic, rhythmic, and surprisingly danceable to. It’s just really good. In this song specifically, you can hear the purity of the bass and the way it’s simply leading the song. 'It’s Been So Long' is, in my opinion, a short version or their last album. It has that movement - that aura that defined them last year. The jewel that is 'Too Far Gone To Know' embraces every emotions you’ve tried to hide during the first part of the album. It is physically impossible to not listen to this song without a tiny drop in your eye. Perfectly psychedelic. A romantic paranoia. The synths replace the voice in the bridge. You witness a discourse between the two of them. Deeper in the song, the voice is swallowed by the synths. At last you can hear the battery closing the argument. I’m curious to hear how will this album turn out live. It’s filled with jams - their last album was too - especially in 'Dead & Gone', they took it to a lengthy end-of-the-gig song. They might take 'Fall Out Of Love' to the next level onstage. Their sound has changed, it’s more cosmical. Join The Dots is a stellar ship.

  1. Conductor
  2. You Won't Be the Same
  3. As We Turn
  4. Join the Dots
  5. To a Death Unknown
  6. Endlessly
  7. It's Been So Long
  8. Left To Wander
  9. Too Far Gone To Know
  10. Frozen Atmosphere
  11. Fall Out of Love

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