December 23, 2013

Eleven Year Old

Eleven Year Old is a band from Alabama putting out their own unique psychedelic sound reminiscent of youth. I had the opportunity to talk with Jake Hethcox of the band about their music.

The band is currently Jake Hethcox on guitar, vocals and drums for recordings, while Sam Reynolds plays bass guitar.

They are both from Prattville, Alabama. The two met when they both started to play in a band that Hethcox’s brother started, where Reynolds played bass and Hethcox drums.

“We played mostly jam-based music and we sucked,” said Hethcox.

Today, the two friends have established their sound and are creating music they enjoy.

Their sound is described as the feeling of being eleven.

“Eleven is the last year you’re completely unspoiled. After eleven, you turn into a rotten tween,” said Hethcox. “I want the music to feel eleven.”

The name “Eleven Year Old” has been used by Hethcox since 2007 when he started releasing his music online. Reynolds joined in on the writing and recording process a couple years after Hethcox had successfully established the sound he wanted.

The band began its takeoff recently as they started to play shows in early 2013.

Speaking on their live show, Hethcox noted that “Yikes” and “Naps” are some of the most popular among fans at shows.

“I think they’re pretty good too,” he added.

The band has been closing all their shows with their unreleased song “Hermit Blues”, one that they’ve been excited about and were eager to play as soon as they learned it as a group.

Another significant song to the band is “1000 Ways to Wear Your Towel”, a song that Hethcox feels wrote itself and has always been proud of.

“I’ve invested a lot of time and feelings into this music, so I want as many people to hear it as possible,” said Hethcox.

What is next for the band is an exciting prospect. It took them around a year to reach the point they are at today, which was mainly getting their name out to the people in their state.

The band just released a single titled "Mild Child", and are currently working on their new album. However, finding a new drummer and playing as many shows as they can until touring is possible is their main goal.

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