January 21, 2014

Warpaint at Le Trabendo, Paris

20th of January, Le Trabendo. On a cold winter night, Warpaint has returned to the free land.

I don’t know if many of you are familiar with the venue but it’s the coolest, tiniest gig place in Paris. My only advice for a sold-out show would be to arrive really, really early. I wasn’t. From that point I knew that it would only be me and my ears. The opening band came from Liverpool. All We Are, a three piece act -- which I absolutely didn’t know of, but they achieved to blow my mind in less than 30 minutes. A mix of dream pop, groove and a lot of sensuality. You could hear some Warpaint influences (their favorite band!) accompanied with a bit of Connan Mockassin: a perfect cocktail. They’ll tour with Warpaint through Europe and I highly recommend you to go early to check them out. They’re worth it. After an extensive break, Warpaint finally took place onstage. I enjoyed how they were displayed. Emily was at the left, Theresa at the right, Jenny was really high up -- she must have stood on something, but I couldn’t see what as I could only distinguished a quarter of her face -- and  Stella was between Jenny and Emily, so that you could see all of them (if you were front row). The band was friendly, chatting in between songs and presenting new songs. I’m not a Warpaint specialist -- the gig was nice, but not amazing. I enjoyed it, but through the whole performance, all I could think of was ‘this sounds just like the album’. I wanted more spontaneity and more freedom in the way of playing their songs. I expected to hear more than what I already heard a thousand times. That was my disappointment of the night. Apart from that, these four musicians really know their instruments and definitely know how to seduce an audience. They have this lascivious way of singing (especially Emily) that can warm up any kind of person. The girls ended with "Elephants", which is probably my favorite song of theirs. They embellished it by what I was dying to hear; an almost 12-minute jam. A good gig that could have been great.

Photos: Aminata Diallo

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