February 09, 2014

Little Racer

Meet Little Racer. We talk to Elliot about living in New York and drinking more beer in 2014.

Little Racer is a cool emerging band from... I’ll let you guys guess… BROOKLYN! It’s true that most good bands come from this area. I do not know why. Do bands move there to make it? Is there something special in the water? The band has this Brooklyn energy -- the type of sound that propels you from a static listener to a dancing new fan. The melodies are simple and extremely catchy. It’s a mix of dream-pop with inches of shoegaze. The perfect cocktail to drag us out of the winter.

Look out for new EP this Spring via PaperCup. Little Racer are playing at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY tonight. PARTY.

Here’s an interview I had with Elliott, the lead singer:

Could you please introduce yourselves? Who’s playing what instruments? How did you meet? Have you been playing together for a long time? Do you write the lyrics together?
The band is me, Elliot Michaud, on vocals/guitar/keys, Ish Nazmi on bass, Wade Michael on guitar and Dave Tedeschi on drums. The band has been together for three years now, with slight lineup changes. I knew Dave and Wade since high school, and I met Ish in Boston during college. I formed the group with Ish in Brooklyn late 2009 and Dave stepped in to record Split and Little Racer shortly after. I usually start the lyric and melody first, but sometimes it's the last thing to be finished. It depends how the song gets written.

The first song that I heard from you was "Split For The Coast" and it reminded me of the band Fair Ohs. Are you familiar with them?
Haven't heard of Fair Ohs, but if they give you a familiar vibe then it's definitely worth us checking out.  

There's so much energy on your songs, it’s sunny and dreamy, but also has this melancholia. What inspires you?
As far as what inspires us, there's probably a different answer for each member, but for me it's a mix of nostalgia and anticipation. We're all heavily influenced by earlier generations take on music, whether it's the shimmery late 80's/early 90's stuff from the UK, or the proto-punk/pop of Velvet Underground. So for us, we've always been into stuff which is not really on most people's radar, which makes us nostalgic for days when we could've been a part of that scene. On the other hand, we're anticipating the day where we can introduce the world to Little Racer, which aims to meld these genres with our own sound and make something unique and undeniable. The melancholy is something we all deal with, but we don't want to dwell on that. There is way too much awesomeness all around us to sit in our apartments and mope.  

What is it like living in New York? If you could re-start your musical career in another city, in our universe, where would it be?
Life in New York is unlike anything else. It's exhausting and restorative at the same time. So much art, money, and pain squeezed into nine square miles it sometimes feels like it's going to explode. But it doesn't. It just keeps changing. It's more than inspiring. But if we had to pick another city, it'd be London. It's New York's more polite cousin.
How was your December Brooklyn show?
December was good to Racer! Seeing tons of new faces in the crowd, people singing along. It's becoming the party it's meant to be. We're super stoked about the next few months leading up to our EP release on Papercup records.

What do you think about the New Yorker audience?
As far as New York audiences, they're the best. You want an honest appraisal of what you're playing? Play NYC. No ones going to give you anything you didn't earn. I like it that way.  

What are (if you have any) your New Year resolutions?
We sadly didn't drink enough beer this last year, LR vows that 2014 is the year our cup overfloweth, or drops to the ground cause we got shitty.

Any music recommendations?
Do yourself a favor and check out Papercup Music's roster! They're a new label, but have managed to scoop up some great bands. We play with the Teen Age a lot, really into them, but Bluffing, Weekender, and Tennis System are all super cool too and we're proud to be label mates with them.  

This interview is released in the first issue of Innerspeaker Magazine.

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