February 25, 2014

TacocaT talks "NVM", crowdsurfing to hug Andrew W.K., and favourite bands

Hardly Art Records' rockin' four-piece, TacocaT, has finally released their long awaited second full-length today! Recently I had the opportunity to ask the rockin' ladies (and Eric) of the infectiously fun lady centric punk band a few questions.

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You guys tend to express your feminist views with humor as opposed to angrily yelling into the mic, do you think this causes people to not take you as seriously or do you think you're taken more seriously with humor?
I just think humor is a way better tool— and a more empowering tool — than anger, and it gives you a chance to be clever, too. Who's going to listen to someone screaming at them? I mean, sometimes you gotta scream, but then whoever you're screaming at is really not going to take you seriously. But especially when it comes to social justice issues, you just have to laugh because it's just so fucking obvious. Like, OBVIOUSLY don't be a misogynist. Obviously don't be a horrible person. And eventually, yeah, I think people have come to take us, or at least the general ethos of feminism, more seriously. Humor and satire and parody are powerful!

What bands to come out of Seattle have been your favorites so far? Have you ever played shows with any of them? 
There are so many! We love Half-Breed, a fairly new band—we haven't played with them yet. And of course Pony Time, Don't Talk to the Cops!, Chastity Belt, Wimps, NighTraiN and are great and have been our buddies for a while—we've played with them many times! I really like Naomi Punk and the Ononos, too. Sir Mix-a-Lot? We've never played with him. Yet.

Maybe one day...


 What's your favorite song to play live off of the new album, "NVM"?
I really like to play "Psychedelic Quincieñera"! It's always fun to play, but the best is when our friend Aham Oluo can join us on stage and play the trumpet parts. He's a trumpet genius and played on the album, too. We usually only get him for special occasions, though.

What is the craziest thing to ever happen at a live show you guys have either played or attended? Oh man. This is a tough one. Lelah and I crowd surfed up onto the stage to hug Andrew W.K. when he was fronting Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg -- basically just a bunch of Ramones songs sang by Andrew W.K. with Marky drumming -- so funny and fun. Woke up fairly bruised from that. While playing a show in a New Jersey basement I once got pinned between the crowd and the drums when things got a bit wild. I think I finished the set singing while curled up in the fetal position on the ground. Also very fun.

What was your favorite band as a teenager? Do you still listen to them?
I was pretty crazy about Neil Young and like, Buffalo Springfield haha. And the Beatles, of course. TLC rated pretty high, still does. I also really loved Lauren Hill and Tina Turner and the Supremes - I was obsessed with that diva-style strong lady voice. And uh... Sublime. Yep. And Blink-182. I'll revisit anything from my teen years from time to time. Except maybe that Bad Religion phase. Jimmy Eat World and Green Day? Sure. NOFX? Probably not.

(Time for the stereotypical interview question) What musicians are a major influence on your music?
It's different for all of us, and I wouldn't say we're majorly influenced by any one thing in particular... but I guess I started out being influenced by Riot Grrrl when I was writing lyrics and just learning how to stand up in front of people and sing. Then I got much more into melodies and harmonizing and pop sensibilities, which can be inspired by anything from the Monkees to Justin Bieber to the Breeders to Cub. I've always loved bands with a sense of humor, too, like the Dead Milkmen. Gotta keep it fun.

Any new releases you guys have been digging lately?
Too many to even really remember, but the last few days I've been listening to new Beyonce, new Wimps EP Party at the Wrong Time, UGLYFRANK has a new track out from his BOBBY HILL EP that's pretty good, Nacho Picasso's High & Mighty, the new "B.A.D. Is So Good" track from Chimurenga Renaissance, and a couple new Katy Perry songs are growing on me, but it took like 500 listens.

TacocaT's mixtape:


NVM is out today (Feb. 25) via Hardly Art Records. And if you can't get enough TacocaT, listen to their older releases, along with this playlist curated and handwritten by TacocaT themselves for Innerspeaker with very cute little hearts!

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