February 24, 2014

The Horrors countdowns to "I See You" off new album

It’s been three long years since The Horrors’  last record Skying. In between a whole set of shoegaze-y bands emerged (something to distract yourself before the main meal), they released  the first single earlier today off their new record Luminous, "I See You", a cosmic trip reminding of what the people in the 70s were dreaming about how the future would be.

If you close your eyes, you could almost imagine a cardboard UFO flying dramatically from a Z movie. Not to diminish their music, which I adore, we recognize their typical synth sound amplified by new gadgets, but, in my opinion, Faris’ voice could have lifted the song if it’d been pushed up.

Their fourth LP Luminous will come out on May 5th. They also perform at Field Day Festival in London, June 8. They’re back with a Tumblr, and as always an amazing artwork.

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