February 10, 2014

together PANGEA - Badillac

together PANGEA (formerly known as Pangea) are back this year with their third full-length LP, Badillac.

Previously releasing their music under Burger Records, this album is also the Los Angeles-based trio’s debut on Harvest Records.

While Badillac stays true to the band’s roots of violent and youthful rock, it also takes a step away from the typical sound expected from the band and takes a slightly new direction. It only takes about fifteen seconds into the first track, “Alive”, to notice the shift in instrumentals. The album is full of dark and heavy bass lines that add a new and satisfying touch.

While the album certainly feels heavier and more mature, the signature angst and whine, both lyrically and vocally is still apparent. Influences are incorporated so flawlessly to the point that it is clear there is a lot of 90s alt-rock influence amongst others while never sounding too intentional.

The first two tracks give way to a heavy transition to the much lighter title track “Badillac”. “I pick you up and we ride”, sings vocalist William Keegan, while the song slowly turns into another angst-filled anthem about lying, crying and self-hatred. It provides a perfect lead into the next track, “Does He Really Care”, filled with confusion and distrust, a big theme in this album. Key track, “River”, a fairly simple yet chaotically emotional song about “looking at the river ‘cause the river can run” exemplifies the feeling of this album.

As Badillac continues, the overall feel of discontent carries on in a way that remains enticing and melodic. “Sick Shit” brings back a feel of younger Pangea with lyrics that stray a little farther from their new, more mature music, while never going too far. About halfway through it transitions into two-minutes of hypnotic instrumentals showcasing the trio’s abilities.

“Where the Night Ends” brings the album to a close in a very interesting way. It begins with a quiet “tell me where the night ends” and turns into another fit of rage that somehow perfectly brings it all to an end.

Overall Badillac is a great album, one that joins some of the old together PANGEA sounds with a new, slightly more polished feel. The band successfully reached their goal of not making the same album twice, while finding a way to make something more accessible than their past material.

  1. Alive
  2. Make Myself True
  3. Badillac
  4. Does He Really Care
  5. River
  6. Offer
  7. Depress
  8. Sick Shit
  9. Cat Man
  10. Why
  11. No Way Out
  12. Where the Night Ends

Watch their new music video "Offer" and see them live on tour here.


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