February 28, 2014

together PANGEA @ The Drake Hotel, Toronto

together PANGEA played to a humble crowd in Toronto on February 18.

It was a laid back night after their sold out Montreal gig just the night before. Pet Sun, and Mozes and the Firstborn were first on the bill, gathering the crowd together. The line up took turns playing off each other's songs and stood close by taking pictures and videotaping each other showing support for their tour buddies, while the other side of the floor party-goers moshed and crowd surfed by themselves. PANGEA brought out surprise special guests Tonka Puma to perform an energetic and amusing set, which definitely set the mood for together PANGEA next. It was all smiles and bantering, letting loose to a small, but intimate crowd. We were just warming up as they ended the set short with mainly songs from their older releases Living Dummy and Jelly Jam, but stayed for an encore to satisfy Nirvana fans in the room with the hard hitting pleaser "Breed". We may not have showed the boys all of Toronto that night, but together PANGEA still kept up to their standards as a raw live Californian punk band and left us going home with a warm tingle in our hearts and feet.

Photos: Kate Giffin

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