February 22, 2014

Wild Beasts @ Le Nouveau Casino, Paris

A week before releasing their fourth album Present Tense, Wild Beasts blessed us with a concert in one of the coolest venue in Paris, le Nouveau Casino.

Even though the gig had sold-out, the pit of this small venue remained surprisingly spacious. I like to think that English folks brings out the best of us (unmannerly french).
The opening band was CHINOI, a french duo, playing a mix of garage and electronic music. The show was pleasant but I reckon it was more of an after-party show. The two musicians definitely knew how to entertain us.

Wild Beasts arrived calmly on stage, thanking us for being there. At that moment all I could think of was that they brought a type of religious aura. Maybe because of Tom’s and Hayden’s voices or the light or my euphoria to see them. But that night definitely had this sort of spiritual ambiance.

They started with "Sweet Spot", their second single from Present Tense, an immediate dive into their sonic variation that contains this new record. A more "concrete" and "less pastoral" piece in Hayden’s words. Sweet melodies emerged from plastic forms, but materialized with falsetto and baritone voices. What else can we ask for? Their live shows as always was wonderful. I only notice a downside, it might have been because of the small stage but Hayden and Tom used to face each other with their respective synths whereas now, Hayden was in the middle and Tom was completely at the right of the stage. (I’ll soon start a petition to bring drummers to the light. I want them to be front row.)

The gig was half classics, that made the crowd dance - and half new, that let us calm, admire, truly listen and dedicate to the moment. They also allowed us to see Ben rock his synths!
The thing that I enjoyed the most was the sound of this little venue. You could really hear and distinguish every instruments played.

The pinnacle of the gig was during "Bed Of Nails" (one of my favorite song). Tom and Hayden’s voices are the most voluptuous feeling one can ever experience.
Now I have to ask, was I the only one to think that the lyrics in "Wanderlust" were ‘don’t confuse me with someone beautiful’ ?
Wild Beasts will be back in Paris on April 16th at Le Trabendo. Be there!
Photos: Aminata Diallo

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