April 11, 2014

Dead Bart

Ever wonder what it'd sound like to travel through the pixels of your computer screen while drinking lean? Ever wished there was an entire era of music that could only be described using iPhone emojis? Oh wait. Here it is.

Net art has been around since the internet itself - Glasgow's Dead Bart just puts it into sound waves.

Recently I asked a few questions to the man behind some of these wicked cyberspace oriented beats Mr. Dead Bart himself. Read the interview below and stream/download the new EP Hologram Hentai.

Where are you from? What's the music scene like where you're from?
I'm from a village just outside Glasgow, Scotland. I'm not really that involved in the music scene over here, there are lots of great venues in Glasgow which is good because it's incentive for artists from other places to come here. I'm not really that interested in the local music that comes out of here, nothing really resonates with me (with the exception of Chvrches).

Have you collaborated with any other artists near your area or played shows with them?
I'm doing some collaborative music stuff with Jinzo (Taylor Stewart), who lives at the other side of Glasgow from me and I'm also planning to work on some music for his short film he's making. I've never actually played any gigs and the thought terrifies me, for now I'm happy with the comfort of my bedroom.

What up and coming artists have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to a lot of Yung Lean, his producers Yung Gud and Yung Sherman are seriously talented. Anamanaguchi, BONES, Flosstradamus, Unicorn Kid, Ryan Hemsworth, Hot Sugar, CRIM3S and Infinity Shred.

How long have you been making music?
I started making music around March 2012 so about 2 years. My music has definitely changed a lot since then though, both in terms of production and writing.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I don't really think I draw my inspiration from one specific source. I have a really short attention span so I like to try different sounds and move on to different ideas. I've dabbled in Noise, Witch House, Hardstyle & Chiptune. I've always loved the whole Chiptune or "8-bit" sound-set and the idea of using old video games consoles to make music. I prefer the idea of masking Chiptune sounds so they fit with the song and are not blatantly Chiptune or retro sounding. Almost everything I make now somehow incorporates sounds sampled from an old videogame console, but I try to do it as subtly as possible so it adds to the feel of the song as opposed to making you think "Hey, this sounds like a Nintendo!" or whatever.

What genre or sub-genre would you classify your music as?
I think I change styles too often to be able to classify my music as one specific genre, right now I don't even think what I make could be considered part of a specific genre or sub-genre so I'd probably just describe it with the crystal ball emoji or maybe the pill emoji.

I know you've collaborated with some rappers, what has that been like? Who have you collaborated with / how did you meet them?
I've done a few songs with Rocco Seprino, an up and coming rapper from Michigan, US, recently. I met him through a mutual friend and I had been a fan of his mixtapes for a while. I basically just sent him a song I had done a while ago and he liked it so he rapped on it. He's got an album coming out on the 28th of February too which I've produced 2 songs for. I've got a few more collaborations in the works right now with different artists but they're ~*top secret*~

Tell us a little bit about the new EP! It's actually my third EP! I put out my first EP "Blue Lagoon" a few months after I started making music. It was terribly written and horribly produced and I deleted it when I put out my second EP "Arcade Graveyard" in December 2012 to coincide with the anticipated doomsday. I deleted that recently too because it didn't fit with my current sound (and I just generally disliked it). I'm sure there are tracks from my first 2 EPs floating around on Russian mp3 sharing websites but for now they are #Rare #VeryCollectible My new EP "Hologram Hentai" is basically the culmination of all the music I've been making recently. If I had to sum it up I'd say it would be best listened to while walking through Tokyo or somewhere with lots of neon lights.

If you could collaborate with one person specifically, who would it be?
Yung Lean, definitely. Or maybe Lil B. BONES is a really good rapper. Id' collaborate with Die Antwoord in a heartbeat too. I think it'd be fun to produce for a forgotten pop group like t.A.T.u or something. Or Britney Spears circa 2003 and just make everything over-the-top and painfully early millennial. Oh wait I've said more than one person haven't I?

Where do you hope to be with your music in a year? I'd like to have the backing of a Net Label or some sort of online music label so I could put out a proper full-length album of my music and it would be able to reach more people (as long as they let me keep my music free to download).

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