June 17, 2014

POND @ KOKO, London

As the Camden ballroom of Koko fills, anticipation for the Australian psych band Pond is fully in the air.

Pond have been by far the most interesting group of the Australian psychedelic scene, Tame Impala being the figureheads. But with Pond being the underdog, it gives them more lenience to be crazy and unique. And they definitely do not disappoint us on this in their live show.

Sun Machine and Scott and Charlene's Wedding, the support acts for this night, were both amazing. Sun Machine offer the jangly summer psychedelia that have made bands such as The Byrds and Tame Impala so loved. And Scott and Charlene's Wedding bring the surfer-punk sound from Australia (Dune Rats and Bleeding Knees Club being part of that scene), but make it so enticing. I couldn't help but song along to their Go-Betweens cover, Karen and it was an ear-worm for a good few days post-gig.

The crowd cheer every time they see a member of Pond appear. And Pond don't disappoint on entrances, with Nick Allbrook vaguely singing (or making noises, depending on your opinion) so his blue fairy lights behind the bus glimmer at the audience. And from "Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide", the pit goes absolutely crazy. Pushed from side to side bouncing up and down to Pond is an experience I recommend to everyone.

The band play a mix of songs from their three albums and a few new songs also. They also do an 'encore' ("just pretend we've went off stage and did 20 lines of coke and then came back on" says drummer Jay Watson) of Midnight Mass (at Market St Payphone), in which Nick reaches into the crowd a few times and then climbs a massive amp to play his guitar on it.

My Pond experience may sound slightly hazy, but I can you one thing. Whoever you are, you need to see Pond.

Text & Photos: Georgia Rose Turnbull

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