August 29, 2014

Moodoïd "Le Monde Möö" release party

Moodoïd's album release party: a psychedelic Parisian night.

On the evening of August 28th, Le Comptoir Général - my favorite Parisian location, due to it's "feels like home" vibe, crazy amount of plants, disparate thrift furniture and great music taste - hosted Moodoïd's album launch party.

Pablo Padovani, lead singer of Moodoïd

Although there were some mishaps (for example, the venue ended up being a bit too small in regards to the crowd attending) the evening was a success. Involved were: a white-eyed geisha dancer, delicious cucumber-based "Secousse" cocktails, a snake charmer, loads of glitter and, of course, music.

After Moodoïd played a short acoustic set, there was a screening of the new video for "Les Chemins de Traverse", which was undeniably super weird and psychedelic, but also made people giggle a lot (a genie? cat puppets? WITCHES!).

There was also a cheese sampling and an ok-but-not-mindblowing set by Acid Arab's very own Guido Minisky.

Lucie Antunes, drummer extraordinaire!

Photos: Lou Cocody-Valentino

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