October 21, 2013

Wavves @ Neptune Theater, Seattle

Wavves played one of their final shows with good friends King Tuff and Jacuzzi Boys last night in Seattle.

The show was a rather small one, being held in the Neptune Theater in Seattle, a small venue with a large portion of balcony seating and a bar. However, the size of the venue had no effect on the energy of the show.

Jacuzzi Boys took the stage first, playing a great set that prepared the audience for the night. The boys clearly have a great connection and their jamming made for great head-nodding for both the audience and the band.

King Tuff followed shortly after, bringing great excitement to the crowd. They opened with Anthem, their opening song for their 2012 self-titled album. By this time the crowd had already woken up, slamming and jumping around to the music. King Tuff announced to the crowd that he was dedicating their song ‘Alone & Stoned” to Washington State (which recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana), causing quite a cheer among the crowd. Near the end of the set he pulled out a sun medallion necklace to give away to one lucky member of the crowd just before playing their song, "Sun Medallion". A young lady was brought on stage and given the medallion, and also a hug by Kyle Thomas.

Wavves was the final and highly anticipated act. Nathan came out wearing a t-shirt with the Seattle Seahawks logo on it, later telling the crowd that he wore it so they would like him. He opened the set with ‘Post Acid‘, making the crowd go crazy. Everything sounded great, proving the venue to be a great choice and of course the great quality of musicians playing. Wavves played their new release for GTA 5, ‘Nine Is God’ at the show, along with many new songs from their 2013 album release “Afraid of Heights”. The show was wrapped up with their song ’Green Eyes’, with the whole audience singing along.

Overall the show was wonderful. It was great to see what a strong friendship the bands have all made with one another. During each set it was clear to see members of the bands offstage watching their friends play. Near the end of the set Wavves played, Diego from Jacuzzi Boys launched himself in the crowd and went for a surf. Nathan announced how sad he was that their tour together was coming to an end, with tonight’s show in Portland, Oregon wrapping it up.

Photos: Macey Wolfer


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