September 24, 2014

The Horrors' secret show in Paris

Some of the best gigs can take place in the suburbs. A secret show and open bar, who could say no to that?

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At 3:30, Sept 20, everyone that had registered on Converse's website received a text inviting them to meet up at Issy les Moulineaux in Paris to get the precious ticket. There were no tickets. The surprise was when more then a dozen military trucks started to park at the meeting point, we now understood that they were here to take us to the utmost secret venue.

After a shaky ride, we arrived at the venue and were welcomed by Converse's staff. The deeper we penetrated, the more intrigued and enthusiastic we became. High ceilings, vast place, with several rooms, some of them looked like donjon, with chandeliers every two meters. A DJ set had already started, warming us up until 10:30.

When The Horrors came up stage, there wasn't a possible way to be closer to them. The intimate venue allowed them to play a few calm songs like "Change Your Mind" and "Falling Star" that enabled the crowd to rest from all the pogo-ing. The band seemed quite happy about the crowd jumping.

Josh was shining. Faris found a disco ball and decided that it would be a wonderful idea to throw it at the crowd, who was already crazy and mentally pogo-ing. Rhys was swinging, impulsing the profound power to the songs. Tom was far right, always deeply concentrated, as a chime-ist, adding the right amount of shades to the melodies.

During the last song 'I see You', the crowd went absolutely mental when Faris placed the mic toward us, people were fighting to be closer to him (I even lost my glasses). Pushing, kicking, trying to grab at any cost for the holy mic.

Chasing Shadows
In And Out Of Sight
Who Can Say
Scarlet Fields
Sea Within A Sea
Endless Blue
Mirrors Image
Change Your Mind
So Now You Know
Still Life
I See You

They left us distraught and thirsty for another show. The Horrors will be back in Paris on November 20 at Le Cabaret Sauvage.

Photos: Aminata Diallo

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