November 10, 2014

Allah-Las - Worship The Sun

Almost two years exactly after the release of their first and self-titled album, LA-based group Allah-Las returned to the scene this September with another full-length LP, Worship The Sun.

Worship The Sun begins with the track ”De Vida Voz”, an eerie and almost untrusting start. The songs instrumentals and vocals are reminiscent of the past, and leave a very dark feel. Typical of their music, this track is filled with distortion and fuzz. The lyrics tell of cynicism and distrust by the way of lines like, “I know all the games you’re playin’” and leave the album to begin with a hint of mystery, while simultaneously coming to a quick end that introduced more of a boring side to the album.

As it continues, a theme of reflection and bitterness is seen. We hear them looking back in “Had It All” as they mention it’s “time to separate the bad from good”. We hear them sing of “soul searching” in the laid back, relaxed track “Recurring”. While there are some interesting bits and pieces, most of the bulk of this album’s middle is drawn-out, leading up to something that never comes. The vocals are foggy, distant, something that becomes worn out and quickly leaves the listener hoping for a change.

A change does come. As the album progresses, instrumental tracks, “Ferus Gallery” and “Yemeni Jade”, help start a slight shift in this album. However, they fail to create any kind of emotional response and instead feel as if they fall short altogether.

Amongst the thoughtful lines recalling that the past is over, statements like the one in track “501-415” saying “no one’s grass is turning greener dreaming of what could have been”, show that there is some thoughtful insight happening. This track also denotes a shift of pace in terms of the music. The song starts with a very psychedelic introduction that soon turns into a much faster, very rhythmic type with quick-paced singing and lots of rhymes about memories. This track is short but manages to be one of the most satisfying on the album.

The title track begins the end of this album. It goes back to the dark sounds and incorporates even more foggy vocals than before. This time, they feel welcome. The track is like an enlightenment, a kind of experience in itself just listening. “There is nothing to decide, I’ll stay in the light or let time pass me by” they calmly sing, giving way to a new kind of feeling, one of peace and tranquility. “I know where I belong ‘cause I worship the sun”.

The final track takes a much different approach from the rest. “Better Than Mine” is packed with fast instruments, vocals that sound old and country-esque, more clear and concise than the rest of the album. “You’re at the doorstep, you haven’t slipped yet,” they sing, giving hope and a feeling of possible change. It feels like the right way to end the album, especially after all the darker emotion that felt a bit draining. They sing to “always try to take the higher road” and leave the album with a satisfying and hopeful end, one that may not have been expected from the start.

Track List:
1. De Vida Voz
2. Had It All
3. Artifact
4. Ferus Gallery
5. Recurring
6. Nothing To Hide
7. Buffalo Nickel
8. Follow You Down
9. 501-415
10. Yemeni Jade
11. Worship The Sun
12. Better Than Mine
13. No Werewolf *
14. Every Girl *

* Included on digital and CD only

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