November 02, 2014

Kikagaku Moyo @ The Roadhouse, Manchester

I was able to see the Japanese band Kikagaku Moyo (幾何学模様) play in Manchester last week and their psychedelic sounds definitely didn't disappoint.

October 22 2014

They all came on the stage looking like they had just stepped out of the 70s; wearing flared jeans,patterned jumpers and shirts. They completed their classic psychedelic sound with a sitar. They played songs from both their albums and their EP, thanking the audience after almost every song they played. This was the band's first time touring in the UK, having recently released all their records here.

After the gig had finished I walked out of the venue and four members of the band standing on the street opposite. It looked like a scene from a film and it was a perfect opportunity for a photo.

Kikagaku Moyo are definitely a band to look out for in the near future and a great band to see live. I would highly recommend them and hope to hear more from them soon.

Photos: Mollie Ruck

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