May 31, 2015

FIDLAR + METZ @ Bowery Ballroom, New York

Three up-and-coming bands in their own right, FIDLAR, METZ and Honduras rocked the Bowery Ballroom last Tuesday, another stop on FIDLAR and METZ’s co-headlining tour.


Upon hearing that the opening band at the Bowery Ballroom that night, Honduras, was selected by Damon Albarn and Blur to open for their recent show in New York City, I already knew we were all in for something great. The last time I saw Damon Albarn recommend an artist was at Governor’s Ball 2014, when he brought out rapper Vic Mensa to perform some Gorillaz songs with him. Less than a year later Mensa was featured on a song with Kanye West, so I trust Damon Albarn. Once again, he was right, because Honduras put on an energy-filled show that pleased many of the fans at Bowery Ballroom, even though they didn’t maybe rock as “hard” as FIDLAR and METZ would later in the night. There was no stage diving, a considerably smaller moshpit - they kept the crowd intrigued which had a lot to do with lead vocalist and guitarist Patrick Phillips’ stage presence. He’s drawn comparison to Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and he definitely was the focal point of the band’s performance. They are definitely a band to watch this year, they haven’t even released a full album yet but they have one scheduled for release in September.


Spit and sweat was flying as soon as METZ began their set full of crazy energy from lead vocalist and guitarist Alex Edkins. The band’s recently released album II was well received by the crowd as they churned out songs like “Spit You Out” that turned up the energy level amongst the crowd as the mosh pit was in full force. For just a 3-piece band METZ creates a huge sound. Fans of II will enjoy hearing these songs in a live setting as they somehow become even louder than they are on the album. Edkin’s energy really brings all of METZ’s song to life. Once the set was over, an enthused fan exclaimed, “He sweat all over me!”


Although the crowd showed great enthusiasm for both opening bands, California’s FIDLAR was the act they were all there for as once the first note was played on Zac Carper’s guitar, fans went wild. The setlist included hits off of FIDLAR’s self titled debut album, along with new songs like “40 oz. On Repeat”. Every song inspired a wild response from the audience, with stage diving galore, even bassist Brandon Schwartzel joined in towards the end of the show when he jumped into the audience. Songs like “No Waves” and “Cheap Beer” were crowd favorites but it was the song “Cocaine” that was the most interesting as Carper somehow got the entire crowd at Bowery Ballroom to sit down (on a floor that was still covered with Alex Edkin’s sweat and cheap beer) before the song was played. As soon as the song finally began, everyone stood up as fast as they could and went wild.

Photos: Sara Loebig

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