August 08, 2015

Ducktails @ The Garrison, Toronto

Ducktails play at The Garrison in Toronto, Canada, on August 5 2015.

Toronto was in good spirits especially this night because Ducktails were in town after two years, so there would be no vibe killin' tonight, au contraire. I don't know if it's because it was a Wednesday or because it was my first gig in Toronto in a while or because I had a drink in me, but it just seemed so refreshing to be there. Everyone was happy and dancing in place, the band were smiling and had just the perfect amount of intimacy with the crowd (thanks to the bassist with the killer smile and equally killer mullet haircut, center stage). Ducktails treated us with an encore and an extra song Matt Mondanile didn't expect to play anymore (although probably everyone in the room were waiting to hear - "Killin' The Vibe", duh Matt). They're one of the few bands that actually light up a room. Trust me when I say this because I wasn't expecting anything but just another gig. I ended up leaving with their LP in my hands.


Photos: Van Anne

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