August 14, 2015

Homeshake @ Adelaide Hall, Toronto

Homeshake play an intimate and sexy set at Adelaide Hall on August 13 2015 with Sheer Agony.

If you're going to a Homeshake gig, you should expect purely soft porn music, with the occasional freakish high/low pitched banter. If you're going to Adelaide Hall, you should expect a less than impressed experience, now with only a closed off general floor, but a comfortable alleyway outside everyone would rather sit around at. Unless you got totally pissed face with $7+ watered down teacups for drinks supplied here, you were probably good and couldn't hear or see anything anyway because the speakers are terrible and unnecessarily in the way.


It didn't really matter because with this type of music Homeshake invites you to dry hump or talk the ear off of the person next to you. It was such a mellow vibe, everyone around were having conversations with each other, so loudly that Peter (Homeshake) had to shush the crowd in the middle of songs, which of course everyone joined all in good fun. Nonetheless, it was a casual and intimate night with a sea of baseball caps nodding along thanks to Homeshake.









Photos: Van Anne

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