April 23, 2016

Grime O'Clock @ la Bellevilloise, Paris

A night of Grime in Paris: Ghetts, AJ Tracey and Kosher

On April 20th, Get2Gether Group hosted the first edition of the Grime O' Clock festival at la Bellevilloise, Paris. In the audience I recognized a few faces from the Stormzy gig, that took place at the same venue, which makes me believe that there is indeed a growing appeal for Grime in France... French Grime kids, let's unite and go ape!

Throughout the evening there were sets by the really cool DJs Azura1990 and Rakoto3000, who should both sound familiar to anyone who hangs out a little in parisian nights. They played some of their own mixes (we even got to dance to remixes of Stormzy's "Know Me From", and Tempa T's "Next Hype") and handled the beats during the various live performances.

The first live performance was by Kosher, from Hackney. I didn't know him beforehand, and he felt closer to rap/hip hop than Grime to me, but his lyrics and instrumentals were good and warmed up the audience. He has a great presence onstage. A track in particular received a lot of love: one in which he plays with french slang and translate to english.

AJ Tracey was the second headliner, and the one I was originally there to see. I've been following this Ladbroke Grove lad for a while, and he's steadily becoming one of my faves among the new generation of Grime MCs, mostly because he's eloquent and his verses are really well written.

At la Bellevilloise, he didnt fail to deliver and spit some of his illest bars like it was no big deal. At one point I heard someone say, "oh my god, this song is just 100% punchlines!" Which sums up AJ pretty well: you haven't even had the time to process what he just said on all levels that he's already thrown some more at you. Although it felt like Tracey didn't connect with us much and stayed in his zone, his set was fire and got us all jumping. His time on stage was the shortest; we were all quite stunned when it ended after only a few songs. I learned afterwards that he had to rush to a set at Rinse FM, so maybe this explains that. He didn't do my fave track "Spirit Bomb", but he did do "Naila" and everyone went bonckers. Keep an eye on the boy 'cause he's set for greatness.

Last but not least... Ghetts.

I will admit I only knew a few tracks of his. I think most people were there to see him, as he had an identifiable fanbase in the crowd. He blew my mind. He was so skilled, delivering bars upon bars with ease. At one point we all went crazy after hearing him spit the fastest verse ever, and he just stopped right there, looked as us with a grin, then went, "okay! so let's do that one again," and gave us a second serving. He kept connecting with the audience, joking and complimenting the peng tings (read: Grime vocab for cute girls).

Although the room wasn't fully packed (but still a considerable turnout for a wednesday night), Ghetts got everyone dancing and singing along. I'm pretty sure his set was the longest. In an epic climax-of-the-night move, he invited us to climb on stage and half of the audience ended up jumping up there for his last song!

Photos: Damien Paillard 

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