August 22, 2016

Fresh Snow @ Smiling Buddha, Toronto

"Fresh Snow hates eardrums" is a dangerous claim to make, but they hold unapologetically true to. Definitely bring your earbuds for this one.

Fresh Snow blew it out of the water for what I thought was going to be a dud Thursday night; unsatisfying short sets from two prior opening bands (Tough Age, Luggage) and a sparse crowd in an already compact room. But once these guys stepped on stage, they were in your face.


Wailing at their guitars and solely immersed in their own sound, the noise filled every crevice of the room and undoubtedly surpassed the soundproof doors out onto the sleeping west College streets. Not acknowledging the audience in front of them, they had grabbed my attention like no other and made me crave for more, with only 3 or 4 songs of ear-bursting drone that put me in a trance for hours later. That, or it was just my ears ringing from the sheer sonic force that they relentlessly built up and unforgivingly did not break down.


Due to unforecasted set time changes pushed way later into the night, I had left the venue before much-anticipated Omni got to headline (oops). Pleasantly mistaken but surely not disappointed, with what was actually a new favourite band from Toronto to look out for.

Tough Age

Photos: Van Anne

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