May 06, 2017

POND @ Mod Club, Toronto

POND has a release party for their new album The Weather in Toronto on Friday night.


Today is the day POND's The Weather LP officially comes out. Ironically, Toronto is also experiencing weather as extreme as floods today. But people squeezed themselves in the Mod Club to crowd surf and drink champagne with POND. The album already sold out at the merchandise table and the band was all smiles outdoors chatting with fans and friends after the show. The opener of the night, Kirin J Callinan also stood out of the crowd with a cowboy hat as he graciously took the stage earlier, going shirtless, dancing to "imaginary" music and stealing everybody's hearts as they yell back "I'm not a baby, not yet a boy."


Nick also isn't shy to get loose on stage and joining the audience on the floor. The lights flashed, the music didn't stop pounding and the night went on a little bit longer with an enthusiastic encore, including 'You Broke My Cool'. The rain had stopped outside and the drag queens came out, mingling with the band next to their tour van. Nick has a cigarette and tries to recall their first tour through Canada, with one show in Ottawa that had only 4 attendees, but he still ended up hanging off the ceiling pipes. He doesn't remember. Its only their third show of the tour, but Jay says it's his favourite so far. They grabbed some poutine off the food truck that pulled up in front of the venue, got in their van and left to Vermont.



Photos: Van Anne

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